What I Know About Money: Part 1

This is the first of my 3 part blog about what I know about money. I decided to split it into 3 parts to account for the limited attention span of some readers. Side note. I mean no offense. In any given article I usually get 4 lines in before I start scanning for anything interesting. Anyways, here we go.

Now I want you to think of every dollar in your possession not as “money” but as your “wealth”. The reason for this is because I believe it will be easier to distinguish between the 2 as the topic becomes more complicated. Of course your  wealth in  general comprises of much more than just you cash, it includes your possessions such as your car, house, cellphone, and even the clothes you’re currently wearing but for the sake of part 1 I will only be using cash in hand as the indicator of wealth for simplicity. Now that that’s been said let’s carry on.

Its payday! Finally, after a month of slaving over your job hanging on a stick scaring birds away from crops you finally got your month’s wage. A whole $100 for you to live on for the next 28 days. Good job you! Now you have to decide what’s the first thing  you’re going to do with your newfound fortune.

Just got paid


But before you do anything else, first you have to pay back your padna redman for the twenty he lent you last week. But that’s alright you still have $80 left that you can do anything in the world with.

Paid redman


You decide to treat yourself to some fine cuisine so you head over to KFC and buy yourself a $30 foot long. And why not?! You just had a hard month, you deserve it!  Besides it’s only $30 dollars, you’ll still have $50 after.



You decide you want to get yourself some groceries now before all your money done so you go to the supermarket and pick up a shopping cart full of the healthiest ramen on the shelf, and a box of lucky charms for breakfast. Total cost $35 dollars. Expensive! but you need food don’t you, plus you have $15 left overall, not a bad decision!



The next morning while getting ready for another hard day’s work on the field you discovered that eating lucky charms causes unbearable pain in your mouth. You need to go to the dentist. You walk out pain free for the small cost of $15 dollars.



You broken again oui! But that’s alright you just have to wait till the end of month and everything will be alright again.


Therein lies the typical cycle of the average employee. This is what is typically called living hand to mouth. If you have no greater ambition than living this way then please carry on. But if you’re like millions of other people who have found themselves stuck in this never ending cycle and can’t figure out how to break away,then this article is for you!

Since this is the introduction I’ll let you know that I’ve read several books on the topic, books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason, “How To Get Rich” by Felix Dennis  and a few others. I also have employed the methods from these books in my own life. What I’m going to do with this series is share with you  the advice and lifestyle changes offered in books like these. However, I still suggest you purchase the books yourself since I won’t cover all the material. Hopefully this series helps you make the improvements  in your life that will really make a difference.


Till next time,
Donald Thomas, Signing out..

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