6 Tips To Help Jump Start Your Career As A Freelancer

Websitestock15It has occurred to me that even though many people are happy and content working for someone else and are completely fine letting them handle the responsibility of paving their way to success, there

seem to be quite a few individuals out there who are breaking the norm and taking on a vastly different approach.
Though there a select few that can honestly say that they have what it takes to commit to the lifestyle and work ethic of what it means to be self-employed, I still feel it is important to share with you some tips which I have learned that could possibly help you in either stepping out of your comfort zone and start taking the initiative to become a freelancer or to help solidify yourself as one. Here are my personal tips to help kick start your career as a freelancer.


1. Save And Invest In Your Business By Saving And Investing In Yourself 

business-money-pink-coins.jpgWhen looking at the term self-employed it is imperative to note that self is a critical part of the fundamental makeup of the overall term’s definition. With that being said it is then critical to note that in order to get your business off of the ground you must first then invest in your business entirely through the process of self-funding meaning that every time you manage to save money invest it back into your business (if not all, a portion of said saved money will suffice).


2. Keep In Mind That You’re Responsible For Building Your Brand Up/Down

business-card-contact-business-cards-business-42260.pngWhen it comes to being a freelancer aside from the instrumental need to save one’s own money for the benefit of expanding one’s business, there is nothing more important than how you  are being perceived by a potential client. The very nature of your brand is determined not only by your work ethic, but how you engage with said client.
Take note, a bad relationship with a client can not only obstruct any work you were commissioned to complete, but also any potential recommendations that a client might further bestow upon you from the success of the work completed.

It is then critical that with each potential client you are commissioned to do work for that you give them the utmost respect and courtesy that they deserve for entrusting you with a job.


3. Stay Motivated, If You Get Discouraged Pick Yourself Up And Carry On

Aside from saving money to expand your business and the overall importance of upholding your brand through good client relationships it is also crucial to note that self-motivation is a key part of being self-employed.

Take heed that having the capacity to continue and go above and beyond even when you’re not driven to fulfill the workload in front of you is a large part of being a freelancer. That being said if you do feel discouraged, try your utmost not to take it to heart, but rather take the opportunity to possibly take a break, rest or even work on something else entirely.


4. Don’t Feel Bad About Working For Someone Else While You Build Yourself

friendship-528073_1280With that being said, you may have a hard time staying motivated in the event that you find yourself working for someone else. If you do, try your best to think positively about the situation. Try reminding yourself either that the job you are in is only a temporary fit until your business is up and running or self-sustaining. Be thankful that you have a job when most people in the world are not as fortunate to have one.

Your current employment could benefit your own business by expanding your skill set in areas you might not have thought of. Also be grateful that since your day job takes care of your finances you are more free, without that burden, to experiment and develop your freelancing, elevating not only your business, but also your overall lifestyle.  It’s alright to be modest, as I always say:

”No one man can make a fortune by himself”


5. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No To A Potential Job If It Doesn’t Feel Right To You

Each potential job as previously stated can literally make or break your brand. You have the potential to work for anyone or in another line of work if you so choose before you become a successful freelancer. It should then be noted that if you personally find that a job is either too demanding, unfulfilling or generally not the right fit for you, you can always seek another client that might be better suited for your work ethic. You can continue to maintain your day job or work for the other clients on your list of freelancing jobs. Remember, sometimes the best answer can simply be “no”.


6. Keep Your Eye On Your Overall Goal

Website(stock){16}.jpgWhen discouragement is at an all time high, self-motivation at an all time low and all you can see is bad jobs and clients in front of you, it is important to keep your overall goal in mind.

If you’re climbing a mountain it’s important to look up every once in awhile to remind yourself of what you’re striving for, so that you can then in turn appreciate the work it takes to get to the overall top. Every step may seem small but over time the distance travelled will surprise you.




The tips in this article may only be a select few out of many I could have shared to assist anyone who is deciding to try their hand at freelancing.

In my humble opinion these tips like other advice from myself or any other professionals are geared towards helping anyone wanting to branch out and start or continue to maintain their career as a successful freelancer.

With that being said, those who are or wish to become self-employed, I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your endeavours and the greatest amount of success in the future!

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